About Us

THE CUE is a digital news platform in Malayalam based in Kochi. Interactive and credible journalism with pioneering outlook and idea is our priority.
Novel formulas of storytelling, unique style of presentation and most importantly non compromising journalism are our dictum. An undertaking of Facstory Media Private Limited.

The Cue aims to strengthen its base as one of Malayalam’s fastest growing digital-born, video-focused news platforms through independent reporting, ethically driven news gathering and commitment to social issue-based news. The Cue’s aim has been to foreground stories that are left out or marginalized from the larger mainstream and address the impact it has on the communities whose rights are curtailed because of certain policies. This includes stories focusing on historically marginalized communities such as Dalits, gender-focused segments and programs that reflect the social imaginations around class, disability, and labor. We are deeply committed on covering issues on public policy, secularism, gender, LGBTQI+ and intervenes to shift the ingrained attitudes of heteropatriarchy that condition our social lives and practices.

In a short span of two years, The Cue has managed to make its mark as a dedicated platform for gathering viewership because of its commitment towards fostering social change.

Our aim has been to carve out a politically conscious viewer base, and steer clear of media sensationalism and its negative impact on viewership practices. One of the factors that has helped The Cue to increase its visibility is the focus it puts on millennials, who are attuned with the digital and social media spaces and are looking for new avenues for engaging with news stories.

THE CUE doesn’t believe in boundaries.THE CUE stands for news and more beyond boundaries.

The Cue